Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things right now ...

is starting to get just a little bit TOO much to handle.

Feels like I'm sinking deeper and deeper. I have so much to deal with right now. My mom being so ill, my son's well-being (very close to my mom), my own well-being, my current job.

WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I sure would like to see that rainbow soon ... I hope and pray I'm strong enough to pull through.
This morning I woke up in such a good mood, thinking to myself that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel as my mom was up already and requested a cup of tea = recovery. Boy, was I wrong, as she is so sick again.

I pray that this nightmare will soon be over as I'm so emotionally and physically drained, feel like climbing in a hole never to return :(

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Its been a while

and I wont bore u any further just wanted to share that I'm doing the 40 day love dare and u can follow me on

hope to see u there ...


Monday, February 8, 2010

Here I am again

Well its been ages since I lost blogged, but I have been quite busy at work and in life that I'm barely touching ground....

I'm busy planning mom's 60th birthday party, my first Cocktail party (kudos to me), and then D is turning 10 in August and I would love to have something for him as well.

I'm also running around in the office like a headless chicken doing my work, our temp/learner's that has left and our Field controllers work. I have to be honest and say I'm not nearly getting all work done each day, but hey I'm trying my best.

And then, I've also turned into this health fanatic as I have started 'dieting' (see it more as a lifestyle change) again and have lost 3kg thus far and have also been making more use of my VA contract as I paid it in DEC and never even went once!LOL - am so bad, so putting everything to use....

I've found a new hobby - Mosaic - I absolutely love it and will post some pics as soon as my sexy DH decides to spoil me and buy me a new camera, *nudge nudge, wink wink*, and then I am still doing scrapbooking and need to seriously work more on D's room.

Apart from all of this our TTC plans is on hold and will resume in April again, although I'm not preventing. I've made an appointment with Dr Dasoo who is a gynea/FS, he practises at Bio-Art and at Garden City, for the 8th of April and I am excited, yet scared to see him.

I so want to start my own company planning events and wedding although I'm not to clued up on where to start, but watch this space. Very soon you will hear from me.

D has been so happy to be back at school as they are exchanging periods now and writing in pen so this is like super cool for him. This past weekend he had a project at school on masks and had to actually make one. We had so much fun and the scrapbook gemstones and sequins came in quite handy.

R is also excited for the 8th of April as am I and we are still so inlove and go on date nights at least twice a month.

Well that is it for now!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Be Blessed

All the days of my life are important and yet today is the only day I can claim as mine,

Yesterday is in the tomb, tomorrow is in the womb, today is really all what I have,

Today is my gift, my present to be celebrated, today is my day and I will celebrate its benefits,

Today I will be better than I was yesterday; today I will love myself to the fullest,

Yesterday’s mercies are gone but today’s were renewed this morning,

I will not be held back by my failures of yesterday, for today I have new strength and wisdom

Yesterday, I might have done only ten push-ups, but today I am equipped to do more

This is the day that the Lord has made; s I will rejoice and be glad in it

Today is the day of success; I will live this day as if it is my last

Why should I throw “now” after “maybe?”

The sun can only rise once this morning, I can’t place tomorrow’s gold in today’s purse

I will not pay interest on the debt I have not incurred

I lift my arms with praise for the priceless gift of a new day

I will maintain an attitude of gratitude in order to turn my tragedies into strategies

I have been allowed to live this extra day because there is something extra I have to do

Is this my day to excel? Is this another opportunity for me to become the person I was designed to be?

Action will be my weapon to destroy procrastination

Faith will be my shield to block the fiery darts of doubt

Love will be my sword to dismember fear

If I lift up a friend in need today, then I shall give praise to the giver of days

One thing I do know; Today is my day!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To my friends and family ...



Make yourself happy, pursue your passions & be the

best in what you do.

Take care of yourself. …don't wait for someone to take

care of you.

You light up your life. You drive yourself to your


No one completes you - except YOU.

There will be mistakes along the way………..but they will also be lessons…………………and u will never make the right choices without making the wrongs ones 1st.

So remember to love, laugh and live completely with no regret…………..bcoz true friends will always be there no matter what………………and in the end You alone determine your own happiness.

Have a blessed Christmas and an awesome new year!!!!! And May God be with you each step of the way.

With all my love and warm wishes

Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Am I being selfish?

Randy has to work overtime tonight and tomorrow ... no big deal ...

BUT, he was also told that next year they will be working overtime even more and that there will be times when they have to go away to CT or DBN to go and work there ...

I'm so sad and angry at this news ... sure I want Randy to grow and I want him to be successful ... but, I also want a baby and we have decided to go the FS route next year ... this new news means that we will have to put our TTC journey on hold again ... because

* he will be away or working overtime which means he will be tired most of the time
* because of their workload, he will not be able to make appointments when we do go see an FS
* he wants to study next year and has already enrolled which means his time for me and us will be even less than anticipated ...

I'm so dismayed at this news and am even crying while I'm typing this ...

I really do want him to succeed in life and I know we have our whole life together, but I really thought 2010 will be our year that we get blessed and extend our family ...

Monday, November 30, 2009

It's our anniversary

Well today is our 2nd anniversary and I’m so happy to have made it thus far. I remember last year we were separated and I always thought after not spending our first year together that the rest would also be so lonely and sad.


But, I was wrong.


On Friday night my DH decided to spoil me. Let me first tell you that my DH is not into chick flicks and would rather settle for an action packed movie before going for something girly, but Friday he decided to take me to see New Moon. I was in cloud nine, when he suggested we go see it. I even asked him if he was sure that he wanted to go and he said “I have to take you, you love this movie” – music to my ears.


SO on Friday, I was excited the whole day, not even my toothache could put me off from seeing this movie. The movie everyone had been waiting for …


Off we went to see the movie, when we got there we were 1st in line … the movie was supposed to start at 8.15pm, but started at 8.40pm … we bought our tickets at 7pm and decided to do window shopping while waiting for 8pm … we then made our way to the popcorn stand and when we got there it was so full … I never knew that so many people were actually following the Twilight series … well I knew lots of women loved Edward and probably wished that he or their better half would have so much passion over them as he had over Bella … I know I did and I even mentioned it to Randall … LOL … no comment


Anyhoo, all I can say is that I enjoyed our anniversary celebration and that I’m looking forth to many more to come …


To the love of my life:


I love you now, tomorrow and always and I’m very happy to be spending my life with you - such a remarkable man.




Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas fever ...

Well seems like everyone is being infected with Christmas ... everywhere you go people are shopping and laughing and just enjoying the season ...

Most people are shopping for gifts, for clothes, for trees and for yummy treats ...

The Christmas fever is starting to rub off me now that we drew names at work and have to buy and exchange gifts on the 22 Dec ... we will be having a Christmas Breakfast, despite having our Christmas function this past weekend ... which we really enjoyed ...

I've got so much to do still ... but I will get it all done ...

I need to:
*buy Varney's gift
*buy Randy's gift
*buy mom's gift
*buy my boss a gift ... I drew his name ...
*buy yummy treats for the kids ....

At least the other things have been taken care of ...

That's it for now ...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Word for today

Verse: 1 Samuel 30:6

But David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord his God.

- In the midst of difficult times, David believed in His God.
- You and I can do the same.
- We can remind ourselves of God's goodness and be encouraged.
- Whatever happens, remember God is there and He will strengthen you.

PRAYER: Lord, I receive Your strength right now. I will remind myself of Your goodness to me, no matter what happens. Amen.

Have a great day.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A blog is a blog is a blog

I’ve always thought of a blog as a recipe … you know the stork ad where the lady says something along the lines of blogs … LOL

I really always thought that it must be recipes being shared or a secret recipe… that was until I discovered OPM where some of the ladies had blogs … I remember that Lilian was the first one to introduce us to the world of blogging … I was still scared of starting my own blog and to tell you the truth I was clueless as to where to start …

Somehow I started getting the picture that a blog is an online diary, just that if you chose too, it could become public property … for a few days I just followed her blog and remember her blog as being busy (I guess we all start of that way, I also started posting up to 3 posts a day, however this has all changed). Then I discovered Natalie’s blog and was so enticed with her blog that sometimes if she didn’t post I would get so upset … LOL following blogs used to be my daily bread until I decided to start my own one ..

At first I was confused and so scared to post anything on my blog … in fact I did not know where to start or what to base my blog on … then it hit me maybe I should blog about my life … about anything or everything … after all that is what a blog was used for right?

We started exchanging blog addresses and soon I started getting followers to my blog and I started following everyone else’s blog … it was awesome reading up on what everyone has gotten up to … it still is, although sometimes I’m too busy to follow anyone’s blog …

The gadgets we could add to our blogs was just as great … I felt like a kid in a candy shop and then I started getting addicted to creating a blog that today I have 5 blogs that I manage …

Ok so the other ones might not be open to the public, but watch this space soon it will be, especially since I can just mail my blogs, which means life or posting would be much more easier …

Why or how did you start a blog?


Christmas countdown